Essential workforce management system, designed for care homes

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Why use carehome schedule?

Smarter workforce planning decisions

Carehome Schedule empowers management to understand structure of their workforce, thus allowing better decision making.

Greater Visibility and control

Whether single or multiple care homes, Carehome Schedule gives you greater insights to operations per care home.

Save time & effort

Carehome Schedule reduces the time and effort spent managing a rota by automating the fulfilment process. Spend less time booking shifts and more time delivering quality care to service users.

Simple and easy to use

Very intuitive design means you will be up and running within minutes with minimal training.

Reduce your costs

Accurate time tracking for all staff, including locum staff and no more double bookings.
Reduce printing costs.

Easier reconciliation

Faster reconciliation through electronic timesheets and auto generated invoices, while payroll function allows easier integration with accounting systems.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to create technology that will make every care home a great place to work.

Mission Statement

Carehome Schedule is the leading workforce management platform in the carehome sector.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create technology that will make every care home a great place to work. We believe that great technology can transform any workplace and support employees to achieve their goals, leading to greater worker satisfaction. We believe that a happier and motivated workforce will lead to better service and care for service users, thus leading to best outcomes for all stakeholders. Hence we are motivated to keep learning, keep seeking better understanding, keep dreaming of better technology and bring it to reality.

Mission Statement

Carehome Schedule is the leading workforce management platform in the carehome sector. Whether your company has single or multiple sites, Carehome Schedule is specifically designed for companies of every size in order to simplify the management process and support the growth of your business. Carehome Schedule offers the most innovative employee scheduler, workforce management and reporting system supported by our smart Clock-in/out, availability manager, messaging and payroll systems to transform the care home management process.


Staff management shouldn’t be a burden

Step 1

Automate operations

Step 2

Save time

Step 3

Reduce costs

Step 4

Grow your business

finally smart staff management software

Carehome managers are constantly burdened with staffing and administrative risks, which is leading to significant regulatory risks. This means a significant proportion of a manager’s time is spent on administration related tasks than concentrating on delivering the best service for service users. That’s why we have created Carehome Schedule to automate operations, increase collaboration and reduce risks.

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How it works

Integrate with key 3rd parties such as recruitment agencies


Automate the shift booking process.

Create dynamic live staff schedules.

  • Create staff schedules and share instantly with all employees. Set simple rules to automatically identify and fill any shift with suitable locum or bank staff.

Monitor staff costs.

  • Constantly monitor costs of permanent and locum staff to ensure budget is maintained.

Ensure permanent and locum staff always have accurate timesheets.

Accurately monitor staff times.

  • All employees Clock-in/out usisng the mobile app which ensures all timesheets are accurate including any locum staff.
Workforce Management

Maintain Accurate staff records.

Accurate Record keeping.

  • Simply maintain accurate staff records to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Set simple rules to increase efficiency of staff monitoring tool

Performance monitoring.

  • Effectively Monitor staff performance at all levels to create a more engaged workforce.

Communicate with all your staff through a simple and secure platform

Effectively communicate with staff.

  • Send messages and communicate with your staff through a dedicated secure messaging system thus increasing engagement with staff.
Standard and Custom reporting

Access data to solve specific business questions.

Better understand your operations.

  • How are your care homes performing? What can we leverage from the top performing homes?

Workforce Planning

  • Evaluate turnover rates, retirement forecasts, critical skill leakages.


All the features you need!

As a web based platform, Carehome Schedule can be accessed whether you are at work or on the go with no need to worry about extra hardware or infrastructure.


  • Create a schedule of up to 4 weeks which all employees can view the moment it is published
  • No More double bookings
  • Ensure employees with necessary skills are in attendance for every shift
  • Ensure adequate skills mix for every shift
  • Live scheduling to quickly fill any open shifts
  • Monitor costs of Agency staff compared to budget

Clock in/out

  • Clock-in through the mobile app
  • Accurately Track working hours
  • Employees Clock-in independently when shift begins
  • Immediate cost savings


  • Increase engagement with all employees through messaging system
  • Interact with your staff anytime from anywhere
  • Instant messages and notification
  • Secure dedicated messaging system for your business
  • Employees can communicate their availability through availability manager


  • Generate reports to support your workforce planning decisions
  • Real time analysis of performance
  • Generate regulatory reports as required
  • Leverage on available data to increase efficiencies in the business
  • Dedicated specialist advisory services

Workforce management

  • Manage your entire staff using one platform, improve productivity and efficiency of employees
  • Ensure business is always compliant with regulator with regulator through rules based monitoring system
  • Gain a comprehensive and collective view of the total company’s operations
  • Simplify and automate administrative tasks thus leading to an increase in efficiency
  • Manage employee holidays and training days
  • Monitor employee performance
  • Increase retention and improve employee engagement


Clock in/out



Workforce management

Power in your hands

Stay on top of your workforce management, schedule and communications through our simple and easy to use app. Available on Apple and Android.