Building a High-Performance Culture

Rod Mnkandla

January 15, 2019

Building a High-Performance Culture

The United States Navy Seals are considered one of the highest performing groups of people in the world. In order to become Navy Seals, they have to go through BUD/S, which is a selection process that takes place over a number of months, that is highly aggressive and designed to destroy their bodies. This results in the vast majority of people dropping out and never becoming Navy Seals.

A former Navy Seal was asked what kind of person makes it through BUD/S, he replied, I can’t tell you the kind of people that make it through, but I can tell you the kind of people that don’t make it through. These are as follows:

  1. The proud leaders that wants to delegate everything, none of those get through,
  2. The star athletes from school that have never been tested to their core, none of those get through, and
  3. The guys that show up with bulging muscles covered in tattoos, trying to show everybody how tough they are, none of them go through.

He said some of the guys that get through are skinny and scrawny, some of the guys you see becoming seals you will actually see them shivering out of fear, but one thing they have in common is that, when they are emotionally exhausted, when they are physically exhausted, when they have absolutely nothing less to give, every single one of them is able to dig down deep inside themselves to find the energy to help the guy next to them, those are the guys that become seals.

In other words, the highest performing teams on the planet are not the strongest, they are not the smartest, they are not the fastest, the highest performing teams on the planet are the ones that give to each other selflessly. They commit themselves to taking care of each other, and that’s what makes a great team.

“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast” Peter Drucker

How would you describe the culture in your care home? The culture in your team is the expression of your company’s values. Since a company is simply a group of people with a set of common values. If your company has a set of written values, does it mirror the culture in your team or in other words, are the people in your team ‘living the values’ of your company? A company shall rise and fall based on its culture, or as Peter Drucker put it “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Therefore, is your company building a high-performance culture and what measures do you have in place to ensure that each member of your team is living the values of the company?



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